Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Please don't feed the bears

I tried coming up with a review of Grizzly Man, but it seemed to wander and never go anywhere. Short review: awesom movie. Highly recommended. Go see it.

Synopsis: Take one well meaning (really *really* f*cking dumb, bordering on mentally challenged) guy, plop him in Alaska, and wait for the dinner party to start.

Editorial comments: If there was anyone in the world who belonged among the grizzlys *less* than this guy, it was my 98 year old granny.

It may be cruel to say, but natural selection worked perfectly this time.

In a slightly less cruel statement: perhaps we need somebody at the airport in far-away dangerous locations, giving an IQ test before letting people out where they can hurt themselves? It would have saved two lives (plus the life of one grizzly) here.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Clarification, por favor

Just what exactly does "Git r done" mean? I've seen the bumper stickers a lot lately, usually right next to the "W" sticker on the beater '87 Honda in the next lane (the joys of life in a red state). So I'm guessing it's a right-wing thing. And so far, I have assumed it's something about the war. But if you were to expand "Git r done" into it's un-abbreviated form, it would seem to me to be "Get her done". So now the war is a her? Interesting.

Today on the ride into work, I saw a Pontiac Aztec (yuck, but I digress) all soap-painted up with "Just Married, Tommy and Jenny" on the back window. On the side window was "git r done". It would seem to me that to a bride, that would be somewhat offensive. "Hey Tommy" said Billy, "Hurry up and take Jenny back to the hotel and get r done so we can go back out drinking".

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

1,000 laptops. 12,000 people. What could possibly go wrong?

This just in from the "f* that, I'm glad missed it after all" department:

iBook sale erupts in chaos, stampede

(Image linked from the Richmond Times Dispatch article)

New Beer

The girl had a birthday recently, and one of her friends sent her a long-distance 6 pack of beer, and luckily, the girl was nice enough to share.

The new brew is called "Loft" and it's by the New Belgium brewing company. The same folks who make Fat Tire Ale. Mmm. Fat Tire Ale.

Loft is like a lighter/more watery Fat Tire. It's not bad at all, but it definitely doesn't have the flavor or...um...robustness?...of Fat Tire. So if you see it in a store, you may want to give it a try, but don't order a 12 pack online and have it shipped to your house. You probably won't be impressed.

I also noticed, on the New Belgium website, they have a "I will promise to ride my bike to work at least once a month for the following year. If I cannot ride to work, I will ride for pleasure. If I cannot ride for pleasure well, then something’s got to change" pledge. Looks like you can maybe score some free stuff. I'm signing up. Besides, if I end up on a beer mailing list, it won't be the worst list I ever landed on.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Google Maps, and those who hack it for the good of mankind, are pretty friggin' cool. Here's the route I took biking in to work today:


And here's the one I meant to take (damn missed turn):


Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Posted a new photo to eighteenpercent today. Mostly unremarkable as far as photos go, except for the fact that it a friggin' 2.5' long rattlesnake, in the wild, about 18" from my face.


The girl and I hit Skyline Drive this past weekend looking for a hike or two to do. While driving along, we see a bigass snake just reaching the edge of the road after making a safe crossing. Knowing there aren't too many bigass snakes in this region, and that there *were* rattlesnakes, I was hoping for something cool.

Threw the car to the side of the road far enough away not to squash my prey, and walked up cautiously to his general area. I took a couple of passes walking in the road, looking to where I thought he should be in the grass along side. Didn't see him, so I decided to hop over the grass, and stand in a concrete gutter and look from a different angle. As my foot hit the concrete, I see him about 10" from my left shoe. That was kinda dumb. Luckily, he didn't seem too pissed; he didn't strike (or even rattle). I spent the next 45 minutes shooting him with every lens I had on me. Unfortunately, I spent most of the time just shooting his head, as most of his body was concealed in tall grass. I did look closely to make sure it was indeed a rattlesnake. He had a rattle. I felt very Steve Irwin.

Many of the shots came out crappy, cuz I guess in the excitement of crawling around a rattler, I neglected to check my shutter speed (blurry shots due to hand shake) and histogram (overexposed shots due to...err...overexposure). Luckily, a few shots came out OK. This was one. Oddly enough, this is with my crappiest 70-300mm lens.