Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Just slightly crazy

I stumled across link (on digg.com) to a "how autistic are you?" test from Cambridge University Scientists. Knowing I've always been a little bit...err..."special" (in a charming sorta way), I took the test just to see where on the 0-50 scale I fell. First, the score breakdown is thus:

0-10 Low
11-22 Average (most women score about a 15, most men about 17)
23-31 Above average (and not in a good way!)
32-49 Very high (most people with high-functioning autism score about 35)
50 Maximum (call your doctor)

I took the test three times (so far), just to get an average. My results? 30, 35, 36 (in my own defense tho, I was drunk when I hit 35 last night). Unfortunately, I was stone cold sober today when I hit 36. Making my average (so far) 33.666666.

Wonder if this will qualify me for a special parking place at work?