Sunday, July 29, 2007

Busy week.

Busy week. Quick summary:

Monday and Tuesday I was out at Summit Point Raceway shooting photos at a Ferrari of Washington track event. Hope to post more of those shots soon. For now, here's a ~$1.2 million Ferrari Enzo making the rounds (with a little Lotus Elise (I think) in the background):

Wednesday I was at the Warped Tour with my kid. Didn't take the camera cuz the rules said "no professional (changeable lens) cameras". 5 seconds after walking in, I see the first of probably a hundred SLR cameras. Mental note: always take the camera. If they turn you away at the door, all it costs you is a walk back to the car.

A quick note to the Warped Tour promoters: Please, don't ever have a stage named the "hurly" stage, and a stage called the "" stage. This subtle difference will elude some (many? most?) of the people trying to see the good band on the stage, and result in me (us) seeing the crappy band on the hurly stage. Also, if you feel the need to have two such similar named stages, how about *not* putting them on opposite sides of the world, so that once I (we) realize our mistake, there is no physical way possible to trek back to the other stage and see the band we wanted to see in the first place. Just a suggestion.

Spent almost 10 hours in the sun. The highlight being a 40 minute stint (their entire set) in a dusty Bad Religion pit. Just about more than my old-ass body could take. The pit claimed a new CD I'd purchased, as well as my sunglasses. Ah well.

Thursday the wife and I headed to Shepherdstown, WV. We spent the night in a German Inn-thingy, and had extra-yummy Gruel for din-din in the attached German restaurant. Yay.

Friday, we signed up for a half-day "flat-water" kayak paddle down the (Potomac? Shenandoah?) river. When they say flat, brother, they effin' mean flat. Like hardly a ripple of current to help you along. At about the halfway point, the winds picked up significantly (headwinds, natch.) and turned the latter half of the paddle into a death-march. The last hour was a all-out sprint to the pickup spot, so that we wouldn't get left. Not as much fun as we'd hoped. Oh, and we both have rather ouchy sunburn on random spots, due to our limited use of sunscreen. Wise, ain't we?

Saturday I don't think we did much. I forget. I had hoped we could take the day and just chill. I think we accomplished this for the most part.

Sunday I was up and out of the house early to shoot the first (or second, if you count the 12-hour) Cranky Monkey mountain bike race at Wakefield. The first few hours went pretty well, tho the day was overcast and didn't provide the bright light I had hoped for. By the start of the third race, the skies had opened and dampened the course a bit. Midway through the first lap of the third race, the thunder rumbled, and the race was halted. I debated sticking around to see if it would be re-run, but all indications were that it was over. I cut out, and headed for home. I hope to have some shots of that posted one of these days soon over on Here's teaser of a racer with a little something stuck to her helmet (a "little something" being about 10lbs worth of old-skool video camera on one side, and steel counterweight on the other).

Monday (pre-blogging), the wife leaves for a couple of months training in San Fran. Should prove to be a strange stretch of time. I've never been apart from my one and only significant other for that long of a time. Hope I remember how to boil water, else dinners around here are gonna be pretty rough.

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