Tuesday, April 27, 2004

This won't matter to anyone outside of VA, but it pisses me off enough to rant about it anyway:

Overview: Basically, here in Virginia, we have a "personal property tax" (aka "car tax) which we pay yearly. Basically if you own cars/boats/houses/stuff you get to pay tax on it every year. This is in addition to the initial sales tax you paid, and in addition to any homeowners taxes you may have to pay.

Back in 1998, a bunch of Republicans used this tax as a tool to get themselves elected. Basically, they said "vote for us Republicans, and we'll abolish the "car tax". Sweet. They managed to fool a ton of morons into voting them in. About 3 minuts after moving into their new offices in Richmond they noticed that if they did in fact get rid of the "car tax" the state of Virginia would immediately go broke. Hee hee...woops.

Then they changed thier tune: "Ok, we won't abolish it outright like we promised, we'll phase it out over a bunch of years (10? I forget).

So they managed to phase things out for the last few years (thanks, asses). Now they're noticing that if they go through the final phase out, the state of VIrginia will go broke (sound familiar?). Now they're capping the amount of the "car tax refund". Basically, a roundabout way of saying "err...thanks for electing us, but we really can't unfuck this car tax thing. But we'll enjoy our offices just the same!".

So, my proposal is that any politician that got elected with the help of that bullshit platform must:
1) leave office today. don't even pack your shit.
2) pay back whatever salary they earned while holding a job based on a bullshit premise and
3) stop by my house for a swift kick in the nuts, on the way back to whatever shithole they came from.