Friday, July 15, 2005

New photo posted

I finally put up a new photo on yesterday. Look over to the right to see a thumbnail. Click that to see the larger sized one. It's the Bodie Island lighthouse in Nags Head NC, taken at sunrise last week. Kinda cliche', but it was a nice shot anyway.

Odd thing was, when looking at the photos they sold in their gift shop, my shot was better than 50% of them. Many of thiers were grainy, poorly framed, or just ugly. Made me feel like an accomplished phtog, seeing that some of my work was better than some of what's out there commercially. Now I just gotta get them to sell my work.

When I took the shot, it was about 6am and probably close to 80 degrees out and super humid. I was in a long sleeve shirt, bluejeans, my rain jacket (with hood pulled up) and a baseball hat. The mosquitos on the outer banks are awful. I still came away with bites, but they'd have been worse had I not been covered. By the time I finished, I looked like I had just come out of the water. Soaked.