Tuesday, September 13, 2005


One of the local singlespeed bike guys works for a rather cool company (plug). They are donating $1 for each click on a link on their web page (link below), up to $20,000. Why they make us jump through the hoop and don't just cut a check for $20k is beyond me. But at least they're doing something.

His original post on the bikecentric blog is below.


One Click Equals One Buck...


no doubt we have all been shocked at the absolute disaster that Katrina caused in the south. Now I usually try to keep my work life and my secret identity as a single speeder with bad sideburns totally seperate, however the company I work for, which is a pretty outstanding company, is doing somethign really cool. They are donating $1 to AmeriCare for every click that they get on this website:


So if you have a few seconds, and want to help make a difference click on over and click the magic button. Please share with your friends, and family. Click 'till it hurts folks.

much respect,