Monday, October 24, 2005


If you're one who likes animals (in general) or dogs (in particular), or you're just somebody who can feel empathy for other living creatures, please please please do yourself a favor and DO NOT look at the Cellar's Image of the Day for Oct 24, 2005. Please. Seriously. You'll sleep better at night not knowing things like this are going on in the world. I am not kidding.

It's these rare occasions that I really hope there is a God. And a Heaven. And a Hell. And that Hell really is worse than we could ever possibly imagine. And I hope people who do things like what is seen in the IOTD image get the shittiest corner room in Hell when they arrive there. And that my room is just above theirs. And that my toilet is simply a hole in the floor leading to their room. And their room is only 2x2'. And all they serve in Hell is Budweiser and chili.