Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Netflix still sucks.

However, I didn't realize that the class action lawsuit actually did cover the throttling, not just the speed at which Netflix delivers movies (I thought it was more about ineffective shipping methods than purposeful throttling). Thanks to DT for pointing this out.

Anyway, Netflix tried to settle the suit, offering a 1 disk per month upgrade, for a single month to all Netflix users. So, if you had a subscription allowing you 3 disks/month, for one month, you'd be allowed to have 4 disks/month. Big f*cking deal. Meanwhile, the lawyers got $2,528,000. Think this sucks? So do a lot of other people. There's an objection hearing scheduled for 2/22/05 and evidently, the FTC isn't amused about the terms either. Maybe this will work out after all.

I'm gonna have to pay more attention to this suit.