Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pay Attention

I gotta pay more attention to news events going on locally. Lately I've missed a few good journalist-ish photo ops.

Last night, for example, the University of MD's women's basketball team won a game. Some big game, evidently. The finals, perhaps? Had I paid attention and thought it through, I could have gone over to College Park and waited. Everybody knows when your team wins (or loses) "the big game"™, the appropriate thing to do is riot. UMD fans were nice enough to oblige.

"Students and other fans set fires, threw bottles and tried to tip over a bus late last night after the University of Maryland's championship basketball game..."

Ah well. "...the rowdieness fell short of previous disorders". At least I didn't miss "the big one".

Instead, I spent some time processing pics of my kid's lacrosse game from last weekend. Not nearly as exciting as photographing a riot. Maybe I'll make the next one...