Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In retrospect, my timing could have been better

Monday, 6pm: Donate a double-shot of red blood cells at my local hospital.

Tuesday 7am: Bike the 8-9 miles into work. At the top of both of the "big" climbs, fight the desire to go fetal and take a nap on the gravel on the side of the trail. Once at work, fight the desire to go fetal and take a nap in the shower stall (private shower stall, that is. Don't go getting any funny ideas).

Unexpected bonus: I've now got this cool three-martini-lunch kinda light headed feeling going on.

Side note: I think my local Red Cross is going to start getting my blood donation business. A while back, Ben gave blood with the Red Cross and got this very cool olive green Red Cross t-shirt (the design may be slightly different, but it's close). Me? I donate this super cool double-red-cell donation (all the nurses made it out to be a big deal), and end up getting the lamest t-shirt ever. Some cutsey "blood buddy" thing with two blood drop creatures holding hands and dancing around. Frankly, I could never wear it out of the house. I'm not secure enough in my manhood for that. Furthermore, this "blood buddy" mascot straight-up scares the shit outta me.

I could have held out for the weekend when they are giving away a "Kiss the Donor" kitchen apron, but if I'm going to get free gear when donating blood, I'd like it to be usable gear. A apron doen't fit into that category. And, yes, I know it's not about donating to get free stuff. This isn't college. I'm not selling bodily fluids for beer money (anymore). But, if they want to give away free stuff, I'm not gonna say no.