Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brain Dump v2.0

Ok, 31 posts in my Drafts folder, in various states of completeness. I think I'm just gonna start dumping them onto the blog since I've had no time to actually complete them, or come up with new, interesting bits.

Quick summary of where my time has gone:

The wife and I bought a house a couple of weeks back (have I mentioned this before? I forget). We had to fix up some stuff up before we moved in. And we painted (and repainted, and re-repainted) some of the rooms. Then we actually moved. Mostly. There's still crap left at the apartment. A big, heartfelt thanks goes out to everybody who helped out with the move. Sorry we own so much crap. We'll trim down by the next move. I promise.

Cool house bonus: the place came with a DLP projector and an 8' screen painted onto the wall in the basement. I finally got enough pieces of my home theater gear hooked up that we could use it. The ceremonial "first viewing" was the first 30 minutes of Star Wars (the original 1977 version). Like I told a friend, when that Star Destroyer cruises overhead in the opening scenes, I nearly wept. It was magical. Sadly, we didn't have time to watch the whole flick. Later that evening, the first full-movie showing was Serenity (the movie based on the canceled TV show "Firefly"). I also took in "American Hardcore" on the big screen. Pretty good movie about the rise of hardcore punk music in the late 70s and early 80s. Highly recommended. Especially if you're a punk fan. Extra-especially if you're a DC native punk fan. They spent a good deal of time talking to Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat/Fugazi and the guys from Bad Brains.

The most recent viewing event was watching a region-2 copy of the Brit sitcom "Spaced" (starring *everybody* from "Shaun of the Dead", written by the guy from Shaun of the Dead and, I think, directed by the guy from Shaun of the Dead) on my new region-free DVD player (thanks baby!). Take that MPAA!

I managed to get out for a bike ride last week. Did the standard Colt's Neck loop (which is now about 2 miles from my house...yay!). The trails were OK the first five miles, but sloppy the second five. It was like you were riding got no rolling momentum. If you stopped pedaling, the wet ground halted your forward progress in a matter of feet. And the tires stayed pretty caked with mud. All in all, not a terribly fun ride. It actually got far less-fun (more un-fun?) right around the time that the bike got washed out from under me during a foot-deep water crossing (damn algae). With daylight fading fast, and air temps in the high 40s, the ride went from "less fun" to "fuck this". I got about 80% wet (literally coming up spitting water out of my mouth). I rode the last mile or two out of the woods to civilization then decided to call in a rescue. The two mile paved ride back to the car, while soaked to the bone, didn't sound appealing. Thanks to my girl for making *yet another* rescue pickup.

Hung out with the new neighbors drinking beer the other night. It's really a relief that all the neighbors seem cool (and drink decent beer, no less!). Nice folks.

Anyway, I'm sure there's more useless stuff to talk about. Tune in next month for the update! (Not really).