Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Boy, that didn't take long. My main reason for doing this "Blog" thing was to have a place to rant that wouldn't: A) cause my girlfriend break up with me, or B) cause my housemate stab me in my sleep.

Whaddya know? Barely 24 hours into my Blogging, an opportunity presents itself to vent my pissedoffness (my own word).

So, here's a letter I just wrote to Diet Coke. Sure, it's a trivial event, but the right leg of my pants is still wet with diet coke spooge, and I was cranky enough to tell them about it.

Guess it could have been worse. It could have been the 12-pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale that was in my other hand that self destructed. I guess it's like Ice Cube said..."Today was a good day".


I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for the new, thinner cardboard used in your 12-packs of Diet Coke cans (or maybe you've just cut back on the reinforcing around the hand-holds?).

Because of your new (more cost effective, I'm sure) packaging one of your 12-packs tore from my hand in the parking lot of the local grocery store (before I had a chance to react, due to the two armfuls or so grocery bags I was hauling). As it hit the ground, it tore nearly in half, allowing cans to roll down the parking lot. One can couldn't go in peace, however. It had to puncture itself, spraying me, my car, and the car of the poor sucker who happened to park next to me with at least 6 of it's 12 ounces before I managed to kick it away. Luckily, there were other patrons around who could benefit from my amusing antics. Some even managed *not* to laugh out loud. But not many.

I must say that I noticed the change in packaging a week (maybe two weeks) ago, when two previous 12-packs began tearing in my hand (as I held them by their hand-holds). Luckily I was able to set them down before they failed as catastrophically as today's did.

So, just wanted to say bravo, and pass along my general dislike of the new packaging.

Good day.