Tuesday, March 30, 2004

i guess i should be happy. this is a step in the right direction. but christ...how long did it take the "powers that be" to figure out this was a good idea?


fairfax county virginia (my current home) has just elected to spend in excess of $700,000 to protect a historic property. this may not see like a big deal until you read the line in the story above that says:

"It's the county's first easement to preserve property."

first? first??? have the afore mentioned "powers that be" not noticed how congested things are around here*? guess they couldn't see the congested roads from the other side of all of the fucking townhouses. they should be buying up every square foot of grass and trees so the developers can't. we don't need any more inhabitants, thanks. we're all full.

*=that page may require registration. if you don't feel like doing so, allow me to quote the main idea: "The Washington area still holds the dubious distinction of having the nation's third most crowded roads, but it could reduce traffic congestion by using its transportation network more efficiently, according to a national study released yesterday." -The Washington Post 10/1/2003