Friday, August 27, 2004


So much for the shiny hotness of Blogging. I totally hit the wall. I decided I was probably as tired of writing about my every move as you were of reading it.

So, who knows. Maybe I'll change my whole Blog style. Mabye I'll go back to yammering about everything I do. We'll have to see.

For now, I'll just hit the more interesting points my long looooonnnnngggg ass week:

Monday: Mid workday. Tried to move a free, heavy ass piano with my boy DT. Failed. What were we thinking? Two dumbasses and a 600 pound piano. Sounds like a movie title.

Tuesday: Standard long ass workday, followed by a short work happy hour where I got to see a friend I hadn't seen in a while. Cool. This was followed by a longish ass night side job.

Wednesday: Mid workday. Piano move v2.0. Actually pulled it off this time. Just the two of us and a hell of a lot of huffing and puffing. Got that bastard from the church to the house, up the three (four?) steps and into the living room. Piano wouldn't fit down the hall to the "spare" room. Piano ends up in the dining room. Hope the boss is cool with it!

Thursday: Phone system at work goes tits-up (man, I've been waiting to use that for *weeks*!). I spend the day in chaos trying to orchestrate it's revival by our support people and Verizon. It's a treat. Eventually gain success. Head home at normal time, but the boss calls at 7:30. The VP called him saying the phone system was dead agian. Back to work at 8 meeting with the support guy again. After a few hours, it's figured out that the first support guy called in a major overnight test. During this test, Verizon shuts our phone system down totally. Nobody bothered to tell me this before hand. Thanks. 11pm head home. Had to blow off my side job.

Friday: The day started with more busted phone chaos. Whole office is on edge. We pretty much rely on our phone system. Running in this half-ass mode isn't good. Eventually get Verizon to come to our site and test the lines from there heading out. Seems like it's a piece of our equipment that's failing and causing sporadic problems. Got a new piece being overnighted to the support guy. Supposed to meet him at the office tomorrow (yeah, Saturday) 8am to do the install. End up blowing off my side job guy again for tonight. Possibly tomorrow too.

Also Friday, Ben and I posted our website up on Craigslist under Freestuff. Basically all of our online prints are licensed under what's called the Creative Commons license. People can pretty much have them and do what they want with them, but they have to follow some rules. Got some nice compliments and a few confused questions.

Weekend: Got a couple of friends coming into town from New Orleans this weekend. All I need is my 9-5 job and my side job stacking up and making the time this weekend scarce.

Damn, this has been a long long week. A lot of time has been devoted to researching the new coolness that Canon just announced. The 20d DSLR camera. So much for lusting after the 300d or 10d. I want the big daddy. It's a sweet camera. Hope I can ebay enough crap to afford one!