Friday, August 06, 2004

Das Pre-Weekend Roundup

So the girlfriend, daughter and I left on Wednesday for a couple of days in Cape May, NJ, which, despite being in NJ is actually quite nice. The drive up took about 4.5 hours and thanks to MapQuest and the NJ state route numbering system (47 becomes 477 becomes 47 again, becomes 74 becomes 447, repeat), was an adventure all it's own. I'm never leaving home without my GPS again!

Wednesday and Thursday the weather there was marginal at best. Cloudy, drizzly, not-the-least-bit-beachy. So we spent most of the time wandering around "old town" Cape May. Very elegant victorian homes, lotsa old tree-lined streets, and two city blocks of shopping. Not what I typically go looking for in a vacation, but hell, I wasn't at work! Thursday afternoon we went and hit the Cape May lighthouse. I managed to climb the spiral staircase to the top, but my kid only made it about half way before they height and see-thru metal stairs got the best of her.

Took a bunch of pics (beach, clouds, lighthouse, weird WWII submarine hunter post thing, bird sanctuary), but haven't really spent the time going through them yet. Hopefully one or two will come out.

Friday cleared up and was really nice overall. We were leaving Friday afternoon, and it was a bit on the cool side, so we dicided not to go to the beach. Checked outta the room, packed the car, had breakfast, wandered around a bit more, and decided to hit the road for home.