Friday, March 04, 2005

Nothing much

I ended up having to come in to the office Wednesday night for a bit to fix a broken thing. So yesterday I figured I'd cut out a little early and head to Alexandria to Huntley Meadows to see what sunset there is like. While it's becoming my regular shooting ground, I had never been there for sunset. Of course I had to pick the day it was like 31 degrees at most. There was *nothing* going on at the park (I maybe saw 3 birds the whole time, and they were crows...and way off in the distance, at that). So I stuck around till just after sunset then headed for Arlington.

As I was cutting through Old Town Alexandria, I see that the George Washington Masonic Temple is lit up. I've always wanted to try some night shots of it. Why not tonight? 27 degrees is good for the soul, right? Good thing I forgot my hat and gloves, too. Brrr.

Got to the monument and set up the tripod and got a couple of long exposure shots (I just wanted to play around with long exposures and night shooting). Moved to a copule of differnt spots and repeated the process.

I was out maybe 45 minutes before my half-drained battery succumbed to the cold and died. My first battery had died at Huntley Meadows. I took that as nature's way of telling me to go home and get warm.