Monday, March 28, 2005


A couple of weeks ago, my current favorite TV show, Deadwood, made mention of the "Comstock Load". Somewhere in the back of my brain, something went "hey...that sounds familiar, but I don't remember why". So I took to the internet and hit one of my favorite online reference resources...Wikipedia. It's a free, Wiki based, multi-language, user-editable encyclopedia which covers just about every subject known to man.

I did a search on Wikipedia for "Comstock load" and to my surprise, found nothing. Cool! A perfect opportunity for me to contribute something to the cause. I did a bit of reading online and got a rough handle of what exactly it was, and started preparing my resources. I then mentioned my idea to a friend at work, Ben. When he heard that there was no entry, he asked..."did you spell it right?" (always a concern with me, and I should have known better). I did a Wikipedia search for "Comstock Lode" and surprise surprise, there was a well written article on the whole thing. Damn.

So, with my original hopes of contributing to the encyclopedia in great and wordy ways dashed, I did all I could. I created an entry to help all my poor spelling brethren. Without further ado, I present the world premier of my Comstock Load Wikipedia article:

"Comstock Load"

However, due to the magic of Wikipedia's auto-redirect, you will probably never get to see it. The original looked much like this:

"Comstock Load"

see: Comstock Lode

Carry on, poor spellers, we will prevail.