Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ride rehash

I've managed to get in a good number of rides each week recently. Being far too lazy to actually post about each, I'll lump them all together in one.

Last Thursday I got out to Wakefield Park for a demo day put on by The Bike Lane. I had hoped to ride one of the new Gary Fisher Rigs (29er, SS). No such luck, but I did manage to get in a couple of laps on a Fisher Paragon (29er, geared). I took a lap around the new trail, thinking "man, this 29er thing is really cool" and "this thing is really plush! I may have to get a suspension fork for my SS". When I got back to the parking lot, RickyD said "so what'd you think of the suspension fork...oh, you had it locked out". Funny how your perception of "plush" changes after a lot of time on the rigid SS. That little 1/2" of travel on the locked out fork made a noticable difference in the feel of the bike.

Monday, I met up with DT and took a lap around the CCT loop. The ride went really quickly and I was actually feeling pretty strong. Guess the skillz do eventually come back. After the ride, we each picked up our respective girls and met at the Wegmans in Fairfax for some grub. My sushi was pretty good, but overall I think the consesus was that this Wegmans isn't as good as the Dulles store.

Tuesday I decided to take a casual pace ride somewhere different. After work I drove out Rt 7 and parked at Colvin Run Mill (roughly the halfway point of the CCT loop). From there, I headed up towards Great Falls. Again, I felt really strong and had a great ride up to the park. Once at the park, I ride down to the shore of the river, take the phone out to take some quick picutres, and notice a vmail from DT. He and his swill ride just happen to be meeting about a mile from where I am. cool. I head back the way I came and meet up with them at the parking lot. After a bit of gabbing and wrenching, we set off back towards where my car was parked. Once back at my car, I break off from the rest of the guys and head for home, while they continue on their semi-epic.

Tonight is nuthin' but domesticity. We had mothers and step fathers and sisters and sister's boyfriends over for Mother's Day dinner on Sunday. Guess it's about time I tackle that pile of dirty dishes that's been hanging out in the sink since then.

Tomorrow I hope to hit the MORE casual ride at Wakefield.