Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Sue Haywood just after crossing the finish line (coming in 2nd)

I've been focusing most of my energy on getting the TooFatToRace blog off the ground, so things around here have stagnated a bit. My apologies for that.

I just popped in to say that I posted my Greenbrier MTB race photos over on my pbase gallery. I figured I'd mention it here in case there were some interested folks reading only this blog and not TooFat.

This weekend is the American Red Cross gala, at which I get to play papparatzi (or however the hell you spell that). Also this weekend is the 12 Hours of Lodi race that I hope to shoot too. For both occasions I built a homebrew battery pack for one of my flashes. Cool stuff. And it hasn't blown up in my face yet or anything.

Edit: had to recrop photo to perform a giant-elbow-ectomy. Why didn't I notice that thing in the first place? Eesh.

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