Sunday, April 22, 2007

More changes, and bike race photos

I set up a new blog over the weekend.


Make a note. Bookmark, even. Pop in from time to time. I'll probably cross promote it here when I update it. Cuz I'm just the self-promoting kinda guy.

It's purpose is to complement this blog, and consolidate my mountain bike race photos in a single location. Since I've found myself shooting more and more races every year (Wednesdays@Wakefield, the Cranky Monkey series, 12 Hours of Lodi Farm, and whatever else comes up moderately close to the TooFatToRace basecamp).

As time permits, I'm going to copy my existing race posts from this blog to that one. A couple are already done.

I've also posted up my first new content there too. I shot the Leesburg Baker's Dozen endurance race on 4/22/07.

I call this one "some guy dropping in"

Unfortunately, I only had about two hours to shoot, out of the 13 hours of race time. See the complete bunch of photos here:

If you see something you like and want a full-rez copy, let me know and I'll do my best to get it to you.

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