Wednesday, April 04, 2007


(Here's another one of those posts I've saved in draft format too long. This one is over 13 months old).

Scored a new gadget the other day (err...year). I found, via craigslist, a guy selling an early '90s era Canon EOS RebelX 35mm film camera for a paltry sum ($20 if I remember correctly). It's pretty low-tech, but should make an excellent backup body, since it works with my existing EOS lenses and flashes (unlike my ancient Minolta 35mm). Another nice aspect is that my 24mm wide lens on this body will truly be 24mm. The same lens on my digital body is essentially 38mm.

I've got a roll of film halfway through it now (edit to add: the same roll is still at the same halfway point today, 13 months later. D'oh!). Just gotta find some interesting stuff to shoot and finish off the roll, then see how the prints look.