Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Something you don't see everyday

The local Ferrari shop at which I occasionally work took delivery of a shiny red Ferrari Enzo today. Luckily, a buddy who works there gave me the head's up.

After work, I ran by my house, grabbed all my camera gear, then headed a bit further west to the shop. I spent an hour or two shooting photos of the rare (1 of 398 left) $1,200,000 beast. It's a beauty. But shooting it's ultra shiny body, under showroom lights, with tons of clutter around (funny how a room full of $200,000 Ferraris can become "clutter", isn't it?) wasn't easy. It makes you appreciate the guys who shoot cars for car mags and make them look good. Anyway, here are four quick shots of it. These are straight out of the camera. No post processing at all. Once I have some time, I'll go through the photos and try to clean them up. Anyway, here's what I got:

Enzo. Fast, even sitting still.

Enzo. Mmmmm.

Enzo from above

Enzo carbon fiber door panel and manual window crank

(You'd think for $1.2M you'd get some power windows. You don't. The round thing in the above photo is the window crank.)

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