Thursday, April 12, 2007

Breaking up is (not so) hard to do

So the wife and I made the conscious decision last night to break up with our formerly-one-and-only "must see" TV show, "Lost". She's been unimpressed with it this entire season. I've been trying to enjoy it, but it's just not holding my interest. I liked it better when it was sci-fi/wierd-ish. Now that it's morphed into a people-drama-with-a-thousand-lose-ends, I'm unimpressed.

Instead, she and I spent an hour or so watching our new favorite TV-on-DVD show, "Entourage". I once heard it described as "Sex in the City for guys". And I would agree with that. It doesn't require a lot of thought to watch. But it does a good job of making you squirm with funny-uncomfortable interactions between characters (mostly thanks to the acting talents of Jeremy Piven).

We burned through Season 1 & 2 in rapid succession. Last night was the beginning of Season 3 and it's still holding up well. Cable is (finally!) being installed on Saturday, so we'll be able to pick up with Season 4 shortly (not to mention wrapping up the Sopranos. And catching the final three episodes of Rome, which I missed). I haven't written Lost off entirely. One day, I may rent the DVDs and see how this season/the series plays out. But for now, adios.

This post sponsored by HBO, apparently.*

(*not really)