Monday, July 09, 2007


One of the best tools to arrive on the net in nearly forever is BugMeNot. BugMeNot is site which hosts a database of generic log-ins and passwords to many sites which require you to log-in before showing you their (free!) content. Think and They're two of the worst offenders.

The thing with BugMeNot that gives me an occasional chuckle is that I never know who I've logged into a particular site as (I'll usually save my BugMeNot-generated login info in my browser so I don't have to retype it). So I will sometimes go to, and will be greeted with a small "Hello MRFUCKWADPOOPYPANTS" at the top of the screen. Other times, there will be something less angry. My current login greets me with "Hello lovvver". Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy getting my daily news.

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