Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cranky Monkey race #1 photos up.

Sunday I spent the day sitting in the weeds of Wakefield park (...again. This is becoming habit-forming). EX2 hosted the first of the 2007 Cranky Monkey race series. Two of the three races went off without a hitch. Rain at the beginning of the third race cut it to a single lap (but made for some cool photography!). The day was a bit overcast. I was actually hoping for some bright sunlight shooting, since most of the bike photography I do is in the waining light of the late afternoons/evenings.

My photos are up on my pbase site. Same rules apply. You want small web/blog/email-resolution images for non-commercial use? Take em. You want bigger, printable-res digital shots, they're $10. You want prints, they're $20. Email me.

Racer carving the banked downhill berms section at Wakefield

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