Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ball of confusion?

(Here's another oldie from the black hole that is my "Drafts" folder).

OK, grammar lesson 101, people: Sentences do not automatically call for a question mark just because you're confused. Examples (from a couple of serial offenders at the office):

"My printer is not working.....the drum light keeps coming on, but the status is green?"

"I'm not certain, but hopefully there's a generic one from before?"

"I'm looking into buying a Digital Camera…I'm not sure where to start?"

"I'm guessing with Black Friday coming, maybe I could look for a deal, I just don't know what type or model is good?"

"I think someone accidently[sic] hit the alarm in the elevator, although it's funny that Jane heard it?"

"Just wanted to forward this question to you?"

"Is there another time you would be able to help me? Since I cannot attend?" (Oh! so close!).

"Let me know if you need me for anything?"

"I need to access some art files for [company website] which should be on the [company name] server????"

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