Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dance the SKA!

Ok, time to honor my recently departed aunt with a more upbeat memory.

A couple of years back, I found this old 45RPM record in a box of stuff at my aunt's house (with countless other old 45s, but none as cool looking as this). I asked her about it, and she didn't remember when she gotten it. She said I was welcome to have it if I wanted it.



(Click any of the images for the full-sized versions. You can read the text and learn how to "Dance the SKA" yourself!)

(Detail of the front cover text)

(For all you Arthur Murray dance school drop-outs)

(Seriously? I'd drink more Red Stripe beer if they were still using this slogan!)

Now I just have to hook up my old turntable to my PC and rip the four songs on this record to MP3 and I'm ready to!

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