Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Triumphant return

Man, those vacation weeks fly past. I've already browsed through my work email and personal email. Nice to see there wasn't as much piled up as expected.

Some form of a full write-up to come. I'm too beat to recall everything now. I will say that for whatever reason, people decided it was fun to say things to me out-of-the-blue. We were walking through this town in Marin county (very 'old town' esque...might have been called Tiburon). I was carrying my camera mounted to my tripod over my shoulder, with the girl and a friend of hers when this "normal" looking middle-aged guy walks up to me and says "well, it looks like *somebody* isn't going home with 25 pounds of crabmeat today". Err...what??

Days later, while standing on Haight street (downtown San Fran), waiting for the girl to do some shopping, a guy comes up to me and says "yo dude, you know back there [points over his shoulder] a dog tried to break into a house, and a guy came up and shot it with a 12 gauge. you know what i'm sayin'?". Nope. It's safe to say I have no idea what you're sayin'. Dude.