Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Funny things I've seen in the last 24 hours

Graffiti in a bar bathroom: "Tom Daschill eats gypsy babies".

Bumperstickers: "Sucks gas & Hauls ass" next to "Horn broken, watch for finger". (Not funny so much as "Hey redneck, who invited you to the big city today?").

Heavy machinery: I saw a heavy-duty wood chipper. The kind that landscaping companies tow behind their bigass trucks. The model name of this particular chipper seemed to be "The Intimidator". And I thought...who exactly are you intimidating? The trees?

CTRL-V: While browsing a website, my right hand brushed a few keys at once on the right side of my keyboard (most likely Control, shift, left arrow, maybe the wierd Windows Menu key). In the text field (where my cursor was) the word "crapface" appeared. I don't remember typing "crapface" at any point...ever...in my life. And when I did a 'paste' to see what was in my copy/paste buffer, the video card model I had been researching earlier was pasted: "Xtasy 9600".