Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Vehicular Reboot

Sitting in traffic on my way to work this morning, I throw a CD into my car's CD player and nothing happens. The little "CD In" light comes on, so the drive knows there's a disk loaded, but it won't play it. It spins around for about 30 seconds then spits the disk out with an "ERR" on the display screen. I then try two or three other disks with the same result. So I decide to do what any self-respectng tech guy would do...

Reboot my car.

"Luckily" I was going about 0 miles per hour cuz of the traffic, so I turn the key and kill the car entirely. I sit there for about 5 seconds, then fire it back up. The CD player spins up and the disk starts playing as if nothing had ever happened.

All I could think about was the old email joke If Microsoft Built Cars