Sunday, December 26, 2004

Gone Phishin'

Man, phishing schemes just keep getting dumber and dumber (or should I say "people who write phishing scheme emails have gotten dumber and dumber"). Over the last few days, I've recieved about 6 of these messages, supposedly from Yahoo (from whom I get my email access). And I quote:

Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 05:21:24 +0000
From: "Yahoo!" <******> View Contact Details View Contact Details
To: ******
Subject: Your Yahoo! ID - ******

Drae Yhaoo! Mmeber,

We muts ckceh taht yoru Yaoho! ID was registeder by real ppoele. So, to hlep Yah!oo prevtne autamoted
registsnoitar, pleaes clkci on tihs likn and colpmete coed vertacifiion precoss:*%68t%54%50%3A%2F/ww%57.G%09%6fo

Thkna yo

Other than changing my email address and cutting down on their long-ass bogus redirecting URL, it's verbatim. Remember the good old days? When you used to get phishing emails that looked like a PayPal letter? Or a CitiBank web page?

I guess I should click on the link once...just to see what happens. Tho, I suppose I'll be disappointed. I run Mozilla Firefox, so I doubt the trick will work. Maybe I'll get a test box up and use it's IE to see what happens. But if you can't spell a single word in the email correctly, what's the chance you managed to type a long ass URL without errors?