Thursday, December 23, 2004

Homicide bomber?

Why do the right-wingers call Middle Eastern suicide bombers "homicide bombers"? I've only heard this from the Fox News turds and (just the other day) conservative commentator Cal Thomas on my local news radio station. (I also must wonder if Thomas gets extra "conservative points" for looking like G. Gordon Liddy with a bad hair piece, but I digress).

My thoughs on this are thus: all suicide bombers are (or hope to be) homicide bombers, yet not all "homicide bombers" are (or hope to be) suicide bombers. There are two *very* different mentalities at work here. The Unibomber was a "homicide bomber". So was Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma City bomber). However, I don't think either of those "homicide bombers" are in the same league as Middle Eastern "suicide bombers". The "suicide bomber" is willing to give up everything for his (or her) cause. Where as the "homicide bomber" is not. Quite often, the "homicide bomber" is cowardly in his (or her) attacks on the victim(s). The suicide bomber may be cowardly (in as much as the're hiding a hundred pounds of explosives and blowing up innocent civilians), but they're not cowardly in that they're trying to protect their own asses.

So come on, conservatives. Let's all call a suicide bomber a suicide bomber from now on, ok? We know they're still bad guys. You don't have to try and remind us that in addition to killing themselves, they're also killing others. We're pretty smart. We figured that out.