Friday, December 17, 2004

So *that's* what separates the pros from the amateurs

The pros see an opportunity to practice their skills and make some people happy at the same time. The amateurs hang out in their office oblivious to the opportunity slipping by....

This afternoon, my company had it's "holiday party". We're a pretty small shop, so it was a pretty small affair, held mostly in the conference room. Each year, the same guy dresses up as Santa and wows all the kids in the "North Pole" (aka: lobby).

Being mostly the anti-social type, I elected to hang out in my office for the most part and avoid the whole thing. As quittin' time approached, I packed my stuff and hit the road. On the way out, I had to run the gauntlet of the "North Pole", Santa and all the kiddies. No biggie. I watched my step (cuz nothin' pisses off a co-worker like squashing their kids), made small talk with the parents (my co-workers) and headed for the elevator. When I got out to my truck, it occurred to me that slung over my shoulder today (like every other day) was my fancy-pants camera. I could have been hanging out in the "North Pole" taking pix of all the co-worker's kids on Santa's lap for them (since I'm such a nice guy). Not a very bright guy, but nice enough. All they had going on was a Polaroid in the hands of the office receptionist for quick snaps for the parents.

So I grab my camera and head back up to the office to see if I can get any shots before the "Santa time" ends. Of course, I get up there as they're pretty much wrapping up. Damn. I'm an idiot.

The one good piece of this is that my boss and his wife and newborn son come up about this time and decide to put Jr. on Santa's lap for a minute. So of all the kids who were at the party, I got 3 shots of my boss' kid on Santa's lap. Nothing like a little brown-nosing to get you ahead in this world, right?