Saturday, December 18, 2004

I feel safer already!

My sis just got back from a trip to Vegas. As she and a friend were going through the security at the airport there, they both got "flagged" by TSA for a full search. While the guards were digging through their stuff they came across a bunch of $5 cheesy Vegas souvanir cigarette lighters (my sis had 4, her friend had 10...slot machines, boobies, etc). The guards said that TSA rules now stated that each passenger could only take two lighters of any kind (regardless if they are full or empty...where's the logic?) onto the plane. Their options were 1)trash the lighters or 2)go back out of security to the Mailboxes Etc. store and ship the lighters home, then go back through the fun of security. They opted to just toss the excess lighters.

After getting through security, they stopped at one of the newspaper/magazine/snack stores and found to thier surprise that they sold...wait for it...cheesy Vegas souvenir lighters! My sister asked and was told that there were no restrictions on how many lighters a person could buy from this store. When she asked how many they had in stock, the employee said "probably 20 cases".

So after being hassled by security to ensure they only had 2 lighters each on them, they could conceivably have gotten on the airplane with 200 lighters.

Good work TSA. Thanks for keeping me safe. Somebody might want to review that policy.