Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Holy crap!

QuakeMap might be the coolest piece of software ever created. It's definitely the coolest piece of mapping software I've ever used. Totally worth the tiny $10 registration fee.

Also extremely useful is GPSBabelWrapper, a GUI front end to the free/opensource GPSBabel program, which translates GPS data from one format to another (Magellan to Garmin, for example) since it seems QuakeMap only reads Garmin data (and I have a Magellan). I think the blame for this lies with Magellan's habit of keeping their file formats totally secret. Garmin has either allowed others to read/write their data, or was poorly designed and cracked early on :)

So here is where I picked up DT and Lee after the CCT ride:

It's the Wakefield Rec Center parking lot. From this satellite image coupled with my GPS waypoint, you can pretty much tell the exact parking space I was in. F*cking amazing. And the best part is that I have similar images/waypoints from the rest of the 20+ mile ride. Again I say "amazing".