Thursday, June 16, 2005


Just saw what the hospital charged my insurance company to reset my dislocated finger...$828.11. Thank the gods for insurance.

Re-locating my dislocated finger took one doctor less than 1 minute to do. So by my math, that hospital is making about $49,686.60/hour ($828.11/minute * 60) /doctor. Not a bad take.

To be fair, for that $828.11, I got:

2 hours of sitting in the ER waiting room time.
1 hour laying on the ER bed time.
1 nurse looking at the finger saying "yup, it's dislocated" (1 minute).
1 med student looking at the finger also saying "yup, it's dislocated" (i'm not kidding) (2 minutes).
1 doctor looking at the finger, pinching it a couple of times, saying "take a deep breath", and wrenching it back into place. (1 minute).
1 crappy dried turkey and mustard sammach on soggy white bread, a small gatoraid, and a few other. nibblets in a hospital kitchen box.
3 hand xrays.
2 vicodin.
1 aluminum and styrofoam finger splint (complete with tape).

I know my bills are padded to cover uninsured people...and I don't mind that. But I know it's equally padded (at least) to cover all the frivolous lawsuits that doctors (and everybody else) have to contend with. Anf that annoys me.