Thursday, June 02, 2005

F*cking ouch

Took a digger on a solo Colts Neck loop last night and ended up seriously dislocating one of my fingers. Going over a new log pile at the bottom of the downhill, just past the climb with the diagonal, off camber log crossing. I came down the hill too fast, saw the logs, and slowed down too much. My front wheel caught the top of the pile, and over the bars I go, arms outstretched like Superman (dumbass).

Good samaratan Rick watched the it happen and stopped and hung out to make sure I was ok. Many thanks, Rick.

When I realized it wasn't terminal, first thing I did was reach for the phone/camera. Pics are below. They're kinda yucky, so I'm tying to space out this post so you have to work to see them.

I managed to ride the last 1.5 miles out to the W&OD one-handed. Then I called the girl for a rescue pick-up in Oakton. Many many thanks, baby.

Sitting on a bench on the W&OD for 15 minutes with my hand and busted-ass finger elevated, lotsa people pedal/skate/jog/walk by. Nobody says a word. Only guy to ask if I was OK was riding by on a primer grey Surly singlespeed. I love our little subculture.

Off to the ER. Three hours, one nasty *pop*, a couple of Vicodin, and a splint later and I'm on the way home. In bed by midnight.

Doesn't feel too bad today. I got a pain perscription, but doubt I'll use it. I gotta wear the splint for 2 weeks, then another 2 weeks with the finger taped up. Got a followup doc viit in a week. And typing sucks. But I got some fun pics:

Right after it happened.

After a couple attempts to yank it back into place (good idea that was).

Next to it's neighbor for comparison.

On the desk in the ER. (The flat surface made a nice contrast).