Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Clarification, por favor

Just what exactly does "Git r done" mean? I've seen the bumper stickers a lot lately, usually right next to the "W" sticker on the beater '87 Honda in the next lane (the joys of life in a red state). So I'm guessing it's a right-wing thing. And so far, I have assumed it's something about the war. But if you were to expand "Git r done" into it's un-abbreviated form, it would seem to me to be "Get her done". So now the war is a her? Interesting.

Today on the ride into work, I saw a Pontiac Aztec (yuck, but I digress) all soap-painted up with "Just Married, Tommy and Jenny" on the back window. On the side window was "git r done". It would seem to me that to a bride, that would be somewhat offensive. "Hey Tommy" said Billy, "Hurry up and take Jenny back to the hotel and get r done so we can go back out drinking".