Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New Beer

The girl had a birthday recently, and one of her friends sent her a long-distance 6 pack of beer, and luckily, the girl was nice enough to share.

The new brew is called "Loft" and it's by the New Belgium brewing company. The same folks who make Fat Tire Ale. Mmm. Fat Tire Ale.

Loft is like a lighter/more watery Fat Tire. It's not bad at all, but it definitely doesn't have the flavor or...um...robustness?...of Fat Tire. So if you see it in a store, you may want to give it a try, but don't order a 12 pack online and have it shipped to your house. You probably won't be impressed.

I also noticed, on the New Belgium website, they have a "I will promise to ride my bike to work at least once a month for the following year. If I cannot ride to work, I will ride for pleasure. If I cannot ride for pleasure well, then something’s got to change" pledge. Looks like you can maybe score some free stuff. I'm signing up. Besides, if I end up on a beer mailing list, it won't be the worst list I ever landed on.