Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Please don't feed the bears

I tried coming up with a review of Grizzly Man, but it seemed to wander and never go anywhere. Short review: awesom movie. Highly recommended. Go see it.

Synopsis: Take one well meaning (really *really* f*cking dumb, bordering on mentally challenged) guy, plop him in Alaska, and wait for the dinner party to start.

Editorial comments: If there was anyone in the world who belonged among the grizzlys *less* than this guy, it was my 98 year old granny.

It may be cruel to say, but natural selection worked perfectly this time.

In a slightly less cruel statement: perhaps we need somebody at the airport in far-away dangerous locations, giving an IQ test before letting people out where they can hurt themselves? It would have saved two lives (plus the life of one grizzly) here.