Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New links

So I have about a dozen posts queued up, pissing and moaning about life in general (does anybody really need two traffic tickets in 3 weeks? No? Relly? I didn't think so. (Coming soon: "We put the 'Rant' back in Rant-o-Riffic!")...


Thought I'd take a detour from the complaining (online, at least) and point out a few links I've added.

DT moved his blog, and didn't bother to tell anybody. Guess he assumed his friends would be bright enough to figure it out. Well, at least one of us weren't. That'll teach him. (Also, thanks to DT for pointing out the vast amount of data that statcounter.com gives you. I had totally forgotten).

Lee has moved/reincarnated his blog...a little less covert-ly.

Last but not least, some character named fatbob29r has surfaced on a couple of blogs I read. I had no idea until I put 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 and came up with 16 that it's an old biking buddy from the area, since moved to Atlanta, then on to TEXAS (everything is bigger in Texas...even the font). I'm pretty psyched to see he's started blogging, since it's far too difficult for me to actually just compose a damn email to catch up with the guy. Man, I suck.