Monday, March 20, 2006

Photo props

This past weekend, Ben (of fame) and I entered a local photography show and contest. At the time that we dropped off our submissions (3 hours before the cut-off), there were about 250 photos. By the time the show opened, I'd estimate (roughly) that there were probably 350-400 photos.

The photos were categorized by subject: Senic, Nature, Animals, B&W, Portrait, Photojournalism, and Digitally enhanced. I entered 5 photos (the max). Two in Nature, two in Animals, one in Digitally Enhanced. Ben entered 4 (not sure exactly which categories).

When I went to the show on Sunday, I was pretty impressed to see that Ben managed to pull out a first-place win in the "Nature" category (complete with blue ribbon) for his fantastic flower photo:

I was also pretty stunned to see that I managed a third-place finish in "Animals" for my heron shot:

So, modesty be damned, I guess what I'm saying is "yay for us".