Tuesday, July 11, 2006


It seems bash.org's RSS feed has been down for a while, so I'll play the role of human RSS aggregator and present you with some of my recent faves:

<@Witchlord> omg
<@Witchlord> I just thought of a website that I had to go to
<@Witchlord> and then for some reason went to hotmail instead, when I havent needed to go to hotmail in over 5 years
<@Witchlord> and my first thought was "holy shit, i drove home this drunk?"


<@Mod> So, how many are you inviting?
<@Ned> Dunno. I'll check the random number generator.
<@Ned> Oh. It says 22345780
<@Ned> We're gonna have to get more dip.


<@AsPHy> if you could torrent hardware it would be awesome
<@Doitle> If we disregard logic, we can do all kinds of fun things!


<@omg its zack wtf> my math teacher staples burger king applications to failed tests


<@Zybl0re> get up
<@Zybl0re> get on up
<@Zybl0re> get up
<@Zybl0re> get on up
<@phxl|paper> and DANCE
* nmp3bot dances :D-<
* nmp3bot dances :D|-<
* nmp3bot dances :D/-<
<@HatfulOfHollow> i'm going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet


One of these days, I'll post something meaningful or something.