Thursday, July 20, 2006

W@W #2

(I've titled this one "Log? What log?")

I spent the evening feeding the bugs at Wakefield last night, shooting the second "Wednesdays at Wakefield" race. The unprocessed, batch-resized shots are available here:

As always, if you see something you like, let me know and I *may* be able to get you a larger/better copy.

This race was almost a month delayed due to rains, and the amount of daylight I had to work with showed it...especially in the woods. Keeping the shutter speed up, while not having a 1/4" depth of field, or image noise the size of my head was a chore. As a result, I think I had far fewer "keepers" than the first race. Also, my Sigma flash is (still!) causing me nothing but headache. It locks up. It stops firing. It goes into some infinite-loop zoom thing. In short, it's a piece of shit. I contacted Sigma and they were aware of problems like this; They said I should send it back. That's the plan, but it's difficult trying to plan out when I'll not need a flash for a few weeks. No matter when I send it, it's going to affect my ability to shoot...specifically, the next few W@W races, and the upcoming Cranky Monkey races. Hopefully the Monkey races will be less affected, since I think those run in the daytime, as opposed to W@W's evening start time.