Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My only friend...the end

I have seen the end of the human race (at least in car-centric cultures). And it's produced by JVC. Witness the in-dash DVD player, complete with screen...for the driver who has everything!

The first to go will be the cyclists and pedestrians who are unlucky enough to share the same roads as drivers with their new DVD players and a fresh copy of "Meet the Fockers". They'll be run down like so many squirrels on suburban streets in the springtime.

The only hope, I suppose, is that drivers with their new in-dash DVD players will run headlong into inanimate objects and off themselves before they have the opportunity to squash me (and my ilk).

One final irony. In the print ad for this unit (which is where I first saw it), the movie shown on the screen is not "Pink Panther", but "Final Destination", as if they know what they've wrought.