Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Blew off the Realtor meeting last Wednesday after all. The wife (the artist formerly know as "the girl") called Tuesday afternoon with news that she'd scored a pair of free tickets for a performance of Stomp. It's been years since I'd seen the show, so I was pretty excited to see how they'd updated their routine.

The show was fantastic. But I'm easy to please. It doesn't take much for a bunch of people beating on bits of trash bigass 55-gallon drums to entertain me. I've always loved tribal rhythms. Add to that the "found art" aspect (yes, I realize none of their gear is "found" anymore) and you can't lose. From Stomp, to industrial act Test Department, to go-go legends Junkyard Band, to (Jane's Addiction drummer) Steven Perkins banging on pots and pans on a kitchen floor, and Jane's Addiction's "Chip Away" (sadly, one song I never got to see them play live, despite having seen JA live half a dozen times), to the guys on the streets of DC with a few pots and pans, buckets and water jugs. I can watch and listen to that stuff for hours. I just wish I could find a couple of CDs that capture the sound I'm after. I've tried a few African Tribal Rhythm CDs with no luck. If anybody know of anything, clue me in!