Monday, September 06, 2004

Ben did some updates to last week. He added a "contact us" page, as well as a "here's how to buy our stuff" page. I don't think either of us are expecting huge sales, but with the posts we've made on craigslist advertising out digital shots that are essentially free, we've had some interest.

Both Ben and I have added a few new shots to the site as well. My latest are from a fireworks show at Accotink Park this past weekend.

So I've preordered my new baby. Canon 20d. It's more camera than I was originally considering in the 300d. It's the new version of the 10d. After weeks of research, it was clear to me that the 300d wasn't gonna be the camera for me. Just too many disabled features/drawbacks. I had moved on to considering the 10d, but then rumors started to surface about a replacement to that camera. I waited it out and was totally impressed by the new model. Basically, it's a couple of hundred bucks more than the 10d, but well worth it with all the improvements (specifically an additional 2MP resolution, better low-light performance, better flash, better ISO noise handling, and the new canon ef-s lens mount). Hopefully, all of these improvements will allow me to do things I'm having a hard time doing with my current camera. Oh, and hopefully they'll enable me to sell a ton of prints, pay off the camera, and take a fancy vacation with my girl (*cough*and my camera*cough*) somewhere cool :)