Monday, September 13, 2004

Sionara assault weapons ban. It was nice knowing you. FUGWB (I've decided that I'm going to refer to him as FUGWB ("Fuck You George W Bush") from now on, instead of just "W" or "GWB") decided that it was time to let you die, in spite of you having the backing of former presidents Ford, Carter, Reagen and Clinton as well as the Fraternal Order of Police. What better way to honor your dead-gipper-hero Ron, Georgieboy. Hopefully the FOP is reconsidering it's "full support" of that fucking mongoloid in office. Nice work boys. Hope you keep busy out there. Guess that's what you call job security?

I must say that I'm not even one of those super left-wing anti-gun people. I don't mind responsible ownership of firearms. I don't mind responsible use of firearms. I don't mind responsible sale of firearms. What I do mind is bullshit reasons for needing weapons of war. If you gotta use an AK47 to kill bambi, redneck, it's time for a new hobby. Try knitting. I also mind these gun shows where rednecks come for a pilgramage (like a fucking redneck Mecca) to buy and trade guns outside the bounds of the law. That shit just need to be stopped.