Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Went for one o' them...whaddyacallit...bike rides last night. Man, it's been a looong time. Took the SS out and decided to hit Accotink. Instead of parking at Wakefield and riding that boring-ass cinder path I headed over and parked by the playground/staircase and headed onto the trails. Rode for something more than an hour. Tried to hit some trails we don't usually ride just for a change of pace. Had a great ride. The trails were in good condition. I really like riding solo. Moving nearly silently through the woods, startling squirrels who don't hear you until the last minute.

Had planned to take the kayak out and take some pix tonight, but the weather reports calling for rain, and the overcast, heavy skies lead me to abandon that idea. No sense getting my current camera wet when it's about to go up on ebay and finance my new baby. (Which, Ritz Camera tells me, I'll have to wait till the end of the month for...while other people have already started receiving them...argh, the suspense!).