Tuesday, June 08, 2004

So back in April (for my legions of fans keeping track), I mentioned that I got a fancy new digital camera. Well, the mediocre results of my first couple of months have finally been posted up where people can see them. The site was created, designed, coded and is hosted by a friend (and fellow photographer), I'm just freeloading. So big ups (if you will) to Ben of the Paved Earth Worldwide Radio Network for all the work. The photosite (which is still a work-in-progress) can be seen here: www.eighteenpercent.net. It showcases both of our work. My stuff is attributed to Gary, his is to Ben. Go figure. I believe we're trying to incorporate a comment system on the site, but until then, feel free to comment on the photos here (on the blog).

Oh, and for the record, both of the above URLs will remain in my "Links" list on the right side of the main Blog page until I remove them. Which could be any minute...so bookmark now!

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DT said...

Nice work, I particularly like the photos with only one object of color.